How It Started

“You Are A Diabetic!” Silence… I Feel as If I Have Been Struck by Lightning!

My Name Is Vera, I Started This Specific Undertaking After Listening To A Story From A Long Time Friend Of Mine, Mike. In View Of His Experience And The Challenges Presented By His “Condition” And Not Illness, As He Says. The Inspiration Came To Me To Assist Other People In Developing A Positive Understanding Of Underlying Health Issues That Can Be Approached By Using Food Only!

A Balanced Healthy Diet, With Lots Of Explanations And Positive Enforcement That Can Be Offered As A Healthy Choice… Its About Choices, With No Conditions Attached And No Fear Applied.

This Is My Friend’s Story; “So, I am On the Bridge of a Massive Container Ship, The Moon Is Gently Bouncing Off the Calm Sea in Front Of me…. I Am Armed to The Teeth Waiting for A Threat to Show Itself in The Form of Pirates…. But There Is A Problem…

I am Pulled Away from My Post with An Urgent Need to Urinate, Not Once, But 5 Times in An Hour… Having to Take Off All My Gear and Weapons Just to Squeeze into A Small Lavatory on Board This Vessel, Was A Job in Itself…. I Am Silently Wondering What Is Wrong? I Have Not Been Drinking Much Tea, The Air Is Not Air Conditioned Making Me Feel Cold… So, I Get Through My Shift with An Uncomfortable Truth Just About to Change My Life…

At This Point I am a 105 Kg, (230 lb’s) 6’5 Anti-Piracy Team Leader, Patrolling the Indian Ocean, This Particular Contract Was A 9 Month Tour… As I Disembark This Vessel, My Clothes Are Literally Falling Off My Body, My Weight Has Drastically Dropped Very Noticeably to 70 kg! (155 lb’s) To The Degree Of Which My Team Are Questioning Me… As I Had Been in The Gym 4 Hours Per Day, I Told Them I was Training to Run the London Marathon Backwards… Humor Has Always Been My Defense.

Having Arrived in Bangkok, I Decided to Visit A Major Hospital to Get a Checkup…. As I waited for 2 days For the Result, I Ignored What I was Feeling Deep Down Inside. “You Are A Diabetic!” Silence… I Feel as If I Have Been Struck by Lightning! I Walk Slowly Out of The Building Laden With Pills, Medicines and Insulin, With the Belief That I Am Now A Prisoner to An Illness I Have No Control Over.

As I Wandered Aimlessly Out into The Street Clueless to My Direction Both in My Immediate Destination and My Life… I Came Upon A Small Cafe of Which I entered… As My Eyes Wondered Over the Hot Steaming Delights, Pastries, And Delicious Looking Offers, I Settled on a Small Bottle of Water as FEAR Had Taken Over My Choices… Would I have To Only Drink Water for The Rest of My Life?

To Me, It Was All About Choices and Options and by Going Only to A Doctor and Taking Those Words Away as Gospel, Bothered Me… I Was Diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes, Then with Type 2, Then Type 1! 3 Different Opinions By 3 Different Professionals! I Need to Take Control!”

Food MechanicsThen… Sweet Enuff Was Born…. This Concept, Brand If You Like Was Created as An Easy Way for People to Deal with This Condition, Not Illness. We Choose to Look at Health Conditions as A Manageable Part of Life, Like Everything Else…

LogoMeet Beet & Cane! Sugar Beet Generally Represents Type 1 Diabetics. Sugar Beet Is Grown in The Colder Parts of The World. Sugar Cane Generally Represents Type 2 Diabetics And Is Grown in The Warmer Parts of The World. At the Start of This Journey, They Collectively Represented the Different Types of Diabetics… Sweet Enuff Has Been Borrowed from The Phrase; “I am Sweet Enuff!” Meaning That My Pancreas Is Over Producing Insulin… Or, I Am Not Sweet Enuff… My Pancreas Is Not Producing Enough Insulin…

Primarily the Focus Was to Assist People with Diabetes Through Food, Advice & Guidance Beyond the Clinical Environment of Which Most of Us Are Diagnosed. However, When Opening Up To Other People, We Found That People Started Sharing Other Issues Or Concerns Regarding Their Well-being To Include Mental State as Well As Physicality Issues Of Concern To Them…

Generic, The Term Is Interesting To Us….


1. characteristic relating to a class or group of things; not specific.”chèvre is a generic term for all goat’s milk cheese”synonyms:general, common, collective, nonspecific, inclusive, all-encompassing, broad, comprehensive, blanket, umbrella”a generic classification for similar offenses”

Especially When It Comes To The Treatment Of People, Treating People Generically But Not Specifically…. This Is Not What We Do, We Want To Offer Healthy Food Choices By Offering Our Catering & Cooking Classes Beyond The Clinical Environment. We Do Not Offer Advice In Terms Of Your Current Consumption Of Medicines Or Medical Treatments. We Are NOT Doctors, And We Do Not Offer Medical Advice… We Simply Offer Healthy Catering, Conversation, A Listening Ear As Well As Lots Of Delicious & Healthy Food Choices!!

We Are Food Mechanics! What Is A Food Mechanic? Think Of A Car Mechanic, We Understand That Every Person Is Different and Respond Differently To Issues Under The Bonnet. However, We Are All Born With The Same Component Parts, Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Heart Etc… These Organs All Have An Important Role To Keep Us On Our Journey Through Life…

When There is An Issue With Your Body, We Can Provide Catering Choices & Cooking Lesson’s Of Which Will Greatly Benefit You And Compliment Your Current Journey. We Will Target The Area Of Concern, With Information And Food Choice Remedy’s Beyond The Fads!! Bespoke, Tailored & Balanced, For You! For Your Engine!

Oh, And Uh, Based On This Philosophy And Mindset, My Friend Is Now Back Up To 90 kg And Climbing! If You Think You Can, You Can! If You Think You Cannot, You Cannot! Just Choose!

You Now Have A Different Catering Choice! A Different Cooking Class And The Only One Of Its Kind In Bali!

Make A Healthy Choice, Without Any Fear!

FEAR; False Evidence Appearing Real

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